These are the definitive and final rules for next years mileage fun.

1. Activate a new geocoin on 1st January 2011

2. It visits a cache near to where you are on 1st January, this can either be one of your own, or one near where you are on the day.

I've thought about this one as some of us may not actually be home on 1st Jan and it would give an unfair advantage mileage wise. I for one am going to be in Wales, so dipping the coin in to a home cache and then doing caching in Wales would knock the miles up right away.

3. The coin must not visit a cache twice

4. The coin is only logged in to caches that you visit, this can include your own if you are doing a maintainance check, but again please follow Rule 3

I know this may mean that some people think it unfair if they are in a certain part of the country one day and then nearby again a few days later, and so only clock up a few miles, but if people travel lots to one particular part of the country often, they would have an unfair advantage over others.

5. Please log your updated miles each Sunday, or as near as you can to then on a new thread which I will start in January. The thread will be called 'miles'. This will enable Fermentum, who has kindly agreed to sort out a graph, to update only once a week.

6. Importantly, remember it is only for fun.