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Thread: Hello from Bath!

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    Smile Hello from Bath!

    Hello all..

    3 weeks in and I've found this site (thanks to a reviewer of the first cache I've hidden!).

    I've been trying to lose weight and get fitter for some time and have finally found something that gives me motivation to walk a decent distance every weekend.

    Been reading the other threads and were wondering about all the odd items I've been seeing in the caches - bouncy balls seem to be the most popular so far; no showerheads... yet..!

    Let's see if my new hobby can keep me away from all the chocs at Christmas and keep the pounds off.

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    Welcome to this wonderful addiction, glad to see you have been having a look around the forums, if there is anything you want to know just post it and I am sure that someone will be along with an answer very soon.
    Don't forget to enter the competition and maybe even the caching mileage game.
    Click the llinks to view the subjects.

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    Hello and Welcome to GAGB!

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    Wotcha - come on in - the water's lovely !! Bit on the cold side for caching but you burn a lot of calories slogging through the snow ! Lots of things on the forums to read - Most of us found it very helpful when we started (some of us still do !) Off topic quizzes - Newsletters - links to local groups and calendar for local events - meet up with other cachers and get tips and how tos - And it is all UK based. Not biased towards our american cousins which, I'm sorry to say the forums on Groundspeak are
    Si vis pacem para bellum

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    Hi Ian of Bath and welcome from Dave of Chippenham

    Lots of nice caches in this area , let us know if we can help

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    Hiya Ian, welcome, I am sure you will enjoy visiting our forums, any questions, someone will be along shortly to answer, and if they aren't, it's probably because they are feeding their addiction.

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