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    Default - acquired by Groundspeak

    Posted on this evening ....

    Wednesday, December 15, 2010 Acquired by Groundspeak!

    Great news for lovers of geocaching statistics! Groundspeak has acquired the site and will be moving the statistics, charts, and maps into the website! They have already begun an initial transfer of several profile sections into a new "Stats" tab in your geocaching profile and they plan to move over more sections in the near future. Look for the new "Stats" profile tab in the upcoming release next week!

    The website will continue to be available in its current form so cachers can take advantage of any existing sections that haven't yet been incorporated into the main site. We'll also be passing along all of your fantastic development suggestions to the Groundspeak team so that they can continue providing new statistics and maps directly on

    Thanks to all of our users for your tremendous support and thanks to Groundspeak for bringing these fun features to the geocaching community!

    Happy caching!

    Cameron and Jan (Brainzane & Yossface)
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    Not forgetting improved Maps and Ratings for caches as well

    See also Sneak Preview

    Permission given by Groundspeak for the screengrabs

    I did link to the Blog on both Facebook and Twitter (if you add your geonick to any friends request. it saves me having to check that the request is coming from a cacher)

    The UK/Ireland Reviewer Team are finalising the details of a FB Group, where such information will be posted. I'll make a announcement once it goes live.

    My post is my personal opinion and as such you do not have my permission to quote me outside of these forums!

    Brenin Tegeingl
    Formerly known as Mancunian Pyrocacher on GC

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