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Thread: Attempts to hack my account

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    Default Attempts to hack my account

    This morning I received a mail from the GAGB site informing me that overnight someone had made 5 failed attempts to log into my account, they didn't make it in and my PW is pretty secure so I'm not too worried, but I wondered whether this was a wider attack or is it just me?

    Anyone else have it, or did the mods see a site wide attack?

    BTW says the attacker is in Kansas, just outside Wichita.

    Also I really like the feature which Emailed me following the suspicious activity - keep up the good work chaps.

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    Hmm... I'm not aware of any other recent attempts like this, so hopefully this was a one-off, but if anyone else has received a notification like this recently please let us know.

    The notification's a feature of the paid-for forum software we now use since we upgraded from free software some while ago.
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