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    Just been having a look at the new Favourites section on GC. Whilst I can see benefits of highlighting good caches, it also has to be said that it is also very subjective. What one person calls a good cache another may think is a load of garbage so to speak. I would have thought it was easier for someone to make a decision as to whether a cache is for them or not by reading previous logs. It does make me wonder whether "friends" will start awarding points to their mates caches just to bulk up the points.

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    In any rating system there will always by sycophant voting taking place. But at least with this rating system, you get to see who has voted for the cache. A quick scan, will quickly show whose voting for each others caches, for the sake of it.

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    That's true, I didn't realise you could do that when I originally posted. :cheers:

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    At first glance it looks like a good idea - I do like the earning of favourites points by finding caches in the first place.:socool:

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