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Thread: World Cache (GCWDD0) - Team Member needed

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    Default World Cache (GCWDD0) - Team Member needed

    Hi there:

    I'm an avid cacher located in Vancouver, BC Canada.

    I stumbled across a world cache recently.

    We need to put together a team, with members from Canada, Australia, UK, Germany, & the USA.

    We have all the bases covered, except the UK.

    I'm looking for a cacher in the Cambridge area, who'd like to join our team (Radiant), and contribute.

    I've solved the 1st Canadian cache, and have passed on the coordinates to the Aussie team member. He has to wait until after the holidays, as the cache location is smack dab on the Sydney Harbor waterfront, which is pretty much Ground Zero for the New Years festivities.

    If you're interested, please ping me at my Geocaching ID - Sailaboat.


    Looking forward to the responses.


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    It looks an interesting cache but Cambridge is about 200 miles from me so I can't join up. There may be someone here in the GAGB forum who's closer but I'd also suggest you post your request in

    Groundspeak's UK & Ireland forum

    and in the

    East Midland's forum (emCache)

    Good luck

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