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Thread: CITO - North Wales - Saturday 15th January 2011

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    Default CITO - North Wales - Saturday 15th January 2011

    Hi All,

    Just a reminder that the first CITO of the year takes place this Saturday 15th January 2011:socool:

    Lets Tidy up a little bit of Rhyl


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    Hope all went well with the CITO yesterday and that there was a good turnout. Hoping to meet up with Andy from The Walker Clan later so will hear all about it.

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    Despite the weather being sabotaged by someone saying the radar picture showed the rain would miss Rhyl (remembering we are talking about sunny North Wales ) it didn't . But it certainly didn't spoil the fun.

    There was Litter Picking (well it was a CITO Event ) Cutting back of some of the undergrowth, and Dead Hedging which was extremely cool to do, as it left a permanent memorial behind of the CITO Event.

    Oh and the event was logged as Attended a hour before it started* making someone think he'd got the start time wrong h34r: . The Rangers where extremely impressed with all the work and effort put in

    At the end of the Event Mike-TM handed out sheets for the 30 new caches he'd put out for the event (which went live at 16:00). I honestly thought the gateway to the car park was going to get jammed with cachers in their cars all rushing off to get as many FTF's as possible

    Personally I was "Last Man Away" as I went for a stroll after every one had gone (no not to get the caches there** ) but to get a couple of photos of all the work everyone had done. And a couple of pictures of Signals Big Big Brother (and any one whose meet Signal knows how big he is , well Big Big Brother is a lot bigger ) on his Lilly Pad (I've got to get my camera out of the car, and download them. Then I'll add them to the event page)

    In conclusion everyone who attended, where fantastic ambassadors for UK Geocaching . So a huge thanks to Team Marzipan for organising it, and everyone who attended despite the sunny weather


    *I went out for a meal Friday night with Team Mazipan & the Line Dancers. Only to have Mike from TM say to me "you never log finds ". So just before I left for the Event, I did

    **I did do the cache in the car park (which I'd DNF's a couple of years ago as it was missing) only to have the second to last cacher leaving, stop and shout "I know what you've got in your hand"
    My post is my personal opinion and as such you do not have my permission to quote me outside of these forums!

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    Formerly known as Mancunian Pyrocacher on GC

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    It was a great CITO event!!

    I couldn't hang around for the caches or the evening event, as I had other plans, but I LOVED the morning...

    We dead hedged (which was fab, I love learning new skills!) and bramble cleared (yes, my legs look like I've gone ten rounds with a pack of sharp clawed tigers) and then litter picked.

    I love events at the best of times, but CITO events really are quite special - we don't give back enough in this life, but CITO'ing, we get a nice rosey glow!:wub:
    Now doing small hills!
    Still blonde under the hair dye ;-)

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