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View Poll Results: Which GPS/Device do you use to cache

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  • Etrex/Etrex H

    7 13.46%
  • Etrex Venture/Legend/Vista all models

    13 25.00%
  • GPS Map60/60Cx60CSx/62

    8 15.38%
  • Colorado (all models)

    2 3.85%
  • Dakota (all models)

    1 1.92%
  • Oregon (all models)

    25 48.08%
  • Other GPS Manufacturer

    5 9.62%
  • iPhone or Android phone

    7 13.46%
  • Other Devices

    13 25.00%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: Which type of GPS or Device do you use for caching?

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    Default Which type of GPS or Device do you use for caching?

    What do you use for caching, a dedicated GPS, a phone or some other device?
    Choose which device(s) you use in the poll and post any pro's and con's that you think applies.
    We can then try and collate the info for others to use when they are looking for a new item of kit.
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    GPS Map60Cx, good quality, rugged and strong signal reception and retention. Holds 1000 caches, used with TOPO maps.
    Oregon 300, excellant piece of kit as it allows paperless caching, holds 2000 caches (using PQs), signal retention under tree cover is not as good as the GPS Map but is more than adequate.
    Android phone with the GC app, only use it to get up to date info if needed and also to store more cache for unplanned caching as it can hold 5000 +, not rugged enough to use for caching at all times as unlike the dedicated GPS's it is nor waterproof.

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    Oregon 550t


    Paperless caching
    holds 5000 caches
    Decent compass
    Long Battery Life
    Large bright easy to read screen


    TBH I find it difficult to find any cons with this device.
    The camera is basic, but as an emergency camera is is certainly sufficient.

    We have had it for a year now and it has served us well in all weather conditions, it has got wet in recent snow and rain and still doesn't stress about it.

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    Suunto M9 - No caching functionality. 500 waypoints. Very long cold start time. Short battery life with GPS on. Useless under trees.

    1999 eTrex Vista - No caching functionality. 1000 waypoints. Very long cold start time, very short battery life, pretty useless under trees...... Replaced within 3 months of starting caching when cachers I was caching with had found the cache before my GPSr was even ready to search.

    2007 eTrex Vista HCx - Basic caching functionality, much improved by smart use of GSAK, 1000 waypoints. Excellent under trees. Long battery life. Unlike the original Vista, the gasket soon came adrift on this one (and on every other I've seen) which slightly impairs use.

    Oregon 450T - The mutt's nuts for caching. 5000 cache listings. OS maps. Fastest start time yet. Long battery life. Maybe not quite as accurate as Vista HCx so I'll take the Vista too when placing caches but no complaints. Opted for 450T rather than 550T as I prefer real cameras and have a crappy camera in my phone if needed for photo-with-GPSr shots for locationless and virtuals.

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    Megellan eXplorist GC

    • Paperless Caching
    • 2.2 inch colour screen (non-touch)
    • 18 Hour Battery Life
    • Worldwide map base
    • Upto 500 Waypoints
    • Upto 10,000 Geocaches
    • Geocaching awards for finds
    • Waterproof
    • Preloaded with the top 1000 Geocaches around the world
    • 1 Months free Premium on
    • 150.00 with delivery from USA off ebay (I think I got a really good deal here and not seen one as good since.)

    As this is my first GPS I can't really compare but I will say I have had no problems with it. You can set searches on the screen to find certain caches. Whether that is a type of cache or just search for the nearest. You can then log your find and make comments on the find. Then plug it in and automatically upload all of your logs. The GPS will remember your found caches and then award you with certain finds. Really good!

    The bad thing would be that it is specific to Geocaching so that could put people off (not me I got it for Geocaching only).

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    Oregon 400T, love the paperless and other functionality, not quite as accurate as GPSmap60 series. Use this with Topo V2 maps (not as supplied) which are much better than old Mapsource, car routing functionality really useful.

    GPSmap 60CSx and 60Cx (son's GPS): Excellent accuracy including under tree cover, robust (I've fallen on the CSx a few times and it survived). Battery life on the Cx better due to lack of electronic compass which I don't use.

    iPhone: Good to look up nearby caches, caching when opportunity strikes whilst visiting somewhere for work. Con: accuracy. It's pretty poor most of the time in urban canyons.

    Also used for caching in the past:

    eTrex (yellow and camo) very good basic device

    eMap (no longer available): First GPS, good basic road mapping, accuracy not as good as modern devices

    Magellan Sportrak Colour (no longer available): accuracy good but couldn't get on with it, replaced it quite quickly

    Fortuna GPSsmart (no longer available): poor accuracy, no mapping, slow but very early bluetooth device
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    Fantasyraider Guest


    Oregon 300 .....

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    Etrex Legend with Garmin Topo maps - excellent for off road.

    Garmin Nuvi - for paperless caching and great for drive bys, but not so good for trails due to battery life and tends to lose signal under tree cover.

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    Vista Cx, with talkytoaster mapping, 30,000 Pois and plenty leckie tape to keep the rubber gasket in place. opcorn:

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    How long is a piece of string...

    Garmin 60CSX for preference, -It's wot the others are judged against.
    Oregon 300 cos it's got paperless and OS maps, -OS maps. Nuff said! (And paperless...)

    Mobile phone with Trimble app, so I can cache 'on the fly...'
    (Not really working, cos I'm not getting the chance to cache! Roll on the lighter nights.)

    Started with the old Garmin yellow, moved on to the Legend, then the 60CSX and now Oregon.
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    I have a Geocaching problem...
    Work gets in the way!

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    Walking and Caching in Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire areas

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    Garmin yellow, used since 2004, now used by other half.
    60Csx, main unit just under a year now.
    Mio 168, O K if not walking to slow, tends to take ages to update, good as a sat nav with TT.
    Nokia 5800 with Trimble app for spur of the moment stuff.

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    Oregon 550 - paperless, holds zillions (quite a lot !) of waypoints etc. Good accuracy - mostly. Also use the Android phone app for quickies - find a cache on phone, transfer co-ords to the oregon and orf we jolly well go
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    GPS Map60Cx, had it a couple of years now and really like it. I also have an iPhone. I periodically download 500 closest to home caches and use GSAK to send HTML files for the iPhone. For me this combination does everything I need, I have as much of the clue loaded to GPSMAP as allowed so I can use that for most caching, the phone helps if I get stuck. When abroad (like now in China) I will use the iPhone alone although there are no caches near here (Huizhou).

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    Garmin 60CSx with UK Topo which I've used for a couple of years - excellent under tree cover, with separate PDA running Cachemate for paperless caching.

    Just upgraded to 62s, but not enough experience with it yet to form a proper list of pros/cons.

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    Previous: eTrex Legend, Vista Hc. Both excellent. Now Oregon 550 (MrsB has a 400t).

    • Paperless using PQ's
    • OS Maps (OS GB Discoverer)
    • Talky Toasters maps (better for towns than OS Maps)
    • Battery life
    • Touch screen and ease of inputting data
    • Rugged
    • Electronic 3 axis compass (hold the device in any position)
    • Accuracy compared to iPhone and PDA!!
    • Camera - not brilliant but good enough for quick use.


    • None really to be honest!


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