Sorry about the short notice, due to a case of miscommunication between my self and the Steward of Fflint Football Social Club, I have finally confirmed a date for what I believe is Wales very first CITO Event. To be held on the 17th of July, with the permission of CADW, at Fflint Castle, Fflintshire, Wales. Start time aprox 11.30hrs, Finnish time aprox 13.30hrs, with a get-together and buffet immediately afterwards, in Fflint Football Club. Who are located next to the castle, and are Sponsoring the event by opening up their facilities free of charge for our get-together. Full details available on the cache page,Castle Clean Up, which will be available to view as soon as our great UK reviewers approve it (grovel, creep, )
Dave-Mancunian Pyrocacher