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    It been quiet here. An updates on GAGB business?


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    We are in negotiations with a number of major land owners (MLOs), and we hope to reach agreements with some or all of them in due course. We're planning to post a list of the MLOs with which we are negotiating.

    We had a long teleconference recently at which we discussed the current negotiations with MLOs. As more meetings are scheduled with them now is not the time to make any hasty reports of current progress, that might either throw a spanner in the works or even turn out to be miles off target when the final agreement is or is not reached.

    We are getting quite a few "casual" approaches out of the blue from MLOs that just want more information about caching, which is a Good Thing and means that we are fulfilling another of the functions for which we were called into being, in other words that of being a public contact point.

    We will shortly start a pinned thread specifically for anybody to report any contact that they themselves have had with an MLO which has turned out to be approval of or even just tacit acceptance of caching activities on their land. This will therefore be a public list which all cachers can refer to and share.

    We also deal with requests for advice and assistance from new cachers, and supply suitable information or put them in touch with experienced cachers local to them, and we receive occasional messages by phone and email regarding problem caches, where we put the relevant parties in touch with each other and if appropriate try to help resolve any difficulties.

    The GAGB forums may be quiet, but rest assured that there's a lot happening beneath the surface.

    - - Bill, speaking on behalf of the committee
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