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Thread: Geocaching Tourist - seeking local evangelists! :-)

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    Smile Geocaching Tourist - seeking local evangelists! :-)

    Hi All,

    The following was inspired by a few threads on NW Caching, along the lines of "what's the caching like in...", and also inspired by the fact that I went off on a weekend break just recently and wanted to know a bit about the area I was heading to but didn't have a concise succinct collection of opinion to refer to...Subsequently I did some caching on the fly and ended up with a 100% DNF rate on day 1, and 2 caches in terrible weather on day 2. :-)

    So, as a result I'd really love to hear from evangelists for their local caching areas (or areas they know well) who might like to submit a mini-caching-tourists-guide-to-the-locale to eventually provide a resource for "out of area" cacher to start their research on what not to miss.

    For me researching where to go is good fun, so I'm not suggesting this to be spoon-feeding or removing that fun, but just to be a starter for 10. Who would want to miss the Isle-of-Wight equivalent of "Whitespace", or "The Sparrow Boys" (these are big hitters up north - insert your own area's notables here) because of not enough time to research. So just looking for 1-pager contributions to start with, see if theres any interest, or value in it.

    The site's based around a blog, so it's interactive even after an article has been published on an area, e.g. the Northwich article I've done for illustration can then be added to via comments "Thanks, I followed the route it was great" or "You're talking Hogwash, don't miss out on CacheX!" or "Oooh, change this article to remove that cache mention - it's been archived".. etc etc.

    Pls check out GeocacheTourist (I can't post links, "but there is a nice man who can"), it's in its infancy (being a few days old), already though we've had some great articles from Cumbria, and County Donegal (sounds fab!), and I've got a few more to get live in the next few days.

    Anyway, thanks in advance for any feedback, contributions, or any submission of your thoughts!

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    Good luck with this. I have had a brief look at the website and it looks really good. I would hope that you get a lot of good feedback for it. I have posted a link on the WM forum for you as well.

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    I have submitted a piece on Brighton
    @T_S_S on Twitter

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    stenpils Guest


    Many thanks for the edit and the link and the support!
    The Brighton article is now live, thanks Chris

    Only Scotland not yet represented, having spent a little time in the Elgin area in my caching infancy I don't feel qualified to write on it myself, although I will plug the Summit To Sea virtual series which is if a grand old age, and whilst I've not completed it the final gets some interesting logs!

    Anyway the call for local "guides" is still very much, open so emulating Chris' piece elsewhere would be fab.

    Thanks all and happy caching.

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    Just a quick bump to remind everyone of the potentially great resource at Geocache Tourist. Written by cachers for cachers. At the moment there's good coverage of The Northwest and Southeast. I've written one article and that's my sole connection with the site.

    Come on people in Yorkshire, Wales, Scotland, Southwest, Midlands, Northeast. Get a short article written about where you live, giving people from outside the area ideas what are the BEST caches in your area. h34r:

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