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Thread: My first hide, advice please

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    Question My first hide, advice please

    I've got an fairly formed idea for my first hide, but uncertain as to the most "fun " way to do it. I won't go into too many specifics as at least 2 other people on here are fairly local to me and I don't want to spoil it

    Essentially, its a two stage thing. The first stage will be a smaller cache, containing the co-ordinates for the second, both caches giving a different viewpoint of a beautiful bit of land I pass on my way to and from work. I think actually that even the first will be suitable for a non-micro, which would be nice, though I don't think it will be terribly safe for kids (especially tiddlers) and the second won't be accesible to wheelchair users, which isn't ideal.

    However my question is about formatting, in the sense that the second will probably best be a puzzle cache (to get people looking in the right direction when they find the cache), with published co-ords about 0.75 miles from the actual cache. but what about the first? Traditional or puzzle, even though it won't actually be a puzzle? Or should it be a short multi and forget the puzzle second bit? The two cache containers would physically be about 3-400 yards apart.

    Comments from the more experienced would be gratefully received.

    Best wishes

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    What I would do (others can and will disagree no doubt )

    First one - if it can take bigger than a nano giving co-ords to the next stage, then set it as a traditional.

    (2 caches fairly close will attract more finders than one on it's own.)

    Second - good idea to get people looking around and appreciating the area more. If the answers are to be found near the cache site it's a multi.

    (It's only a puzzle if some work is needed before getting there e.g. googling for answers that can't be found there, or working out a puzzle)

    Hope that helps.
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    Well, my first two hides are going well and a well-known cacher has found one of them

    GC2QVBN and GC2QTZB, if anyone is curious.

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