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Thread: Hiking caches in Great Britain

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    Default Hiking caches in Great Britain

    Hello there geocachers in Great Britain,

    I am a geocacher from the Netherlands. As I prefer to do multi hiking geocaches from 3 miles or more, I've made a website to make an overview of hiking caches in the Netherlands.

    Now I am also working to gather hiking-caches in other countries. Therefore I am asking your help. The question is the following. Are there one or more websites and/or bookmarks that give an overview of multi-geocaches in the UK where a hike of 3 miles of more is the case?

    I would appreciate if the UK-geocaching community can be of help.

    Greetings from the Netherlands,

    ** Edited by The Wombles: The website is in Dutch and can be found here:
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    Ringeling, this is a good idea and the closest example in the UK was a website to list caches around a route (I don't know if this was actually launched, perhaps someone could post a link)?

    Good luck with your website.

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    I think this is what you are after:


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    Try the Cachewalker site , because I haven't posted enough, I cant send the address!

    but there is a man who can
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