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    I'm a UK-based journalist working for Computeractive magazine ( I've been commissioned by the deputy editor, Paul Allen, to prepare a reprise on a geocaching piece I wrote for the magazine some three years ago. To this end, it would be useful to include some comment from UK participants of the activity.

    If any keen geocachers subscribed to this forum would like to describe their activities and experiences please email me directly (, or reply on-forum.

    Regards and thanks,

    Scott Colvey.

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    As one of those who got into geocaching because of the article, I'd have to say that it has changed my life. It has given me quality time with my 2 teenagers, I've visited places that I did not even know existed, I'm now more confident thru having to obtain permission to place a cache, and organising 3 (possibly 4 Shhs :unsure: ) ) events. And become part of a fantastic community, and meet some fantastic people, all because I read your article, oh and its given me a chance to make a bigger prat of myself than usual :lol:,explaining to seasider all about geocaching at Forestry Shepherds cache event, which I organised with staff from Forestry Commission Wales. I've helped to clean rubbish from around Flint Castle at Castle Clean Up CITO Event, and had fantastic fun doing it. I've been soaked to the skin, covered in mud, prickled and stung and returned to the same cache 8 times, each involving a 80 mile round trip before I found it :wub:. If you need more info just let me know thru my GC profile (Mancunian Pyrocacher).
    My post is my personal opinion and as such you do not have my permission to quote me outside of these forums!

    Brenin Tegeingl
    Formerly known as Mancunian Pyrocacher on GC

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    Thanks for those comments Dave... I may well use some of them in the piece.



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