I've been asked to write a piece about geocaching for Saga Magazine. They're looking for cachers who are 50 plus who'd be willing to be photographed out in the wild.

Although we mostly probably cache in ones and twos, they're looking for a whole group. The plan, if the weather isn't too bad, is to do it on Saturday 2nd April in late morning/early afternoon.

They want to do it somewhere with a great view. As I live in South West London I wondered if Box Hill, where the dwarf series sounds interesting, might be a good spot, though I remember - even when younger - that the hill is more than just a gentle incline.

Does anyone have a better idea in the area, or perhaps down the A3 not far outside the M25? The most perfect spot would be somewhere with parking nearby, a great vista and rather less of the "hill" about it.

I'd welcome ideas for location, but also an indication whether anybody who is 50-plus would like to come along. At the very least, it would be a good chance to meet a few others.