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Thread: Need a UK team member for a World Cache

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    Default Need a UK team member for a World Cache

    Hi there:

    I'm working on a world cache (GC14TA8), and would like to enlist the help of a cacher in the UK.

    This one shouldn't be too difficult (we completed a 5 stager earlier this year).

    Should anyone be interested, pls drop me a note. I'm the Canuck team member. My Aussie, and Brit from the previous team, have already nailed this one. I hope our US team member will be available, if not, I'll build from scratch.

    Thanks in advance.


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    If no-one has contacted you privately, I intend popping out to search for the UK Stage 1 cache this afternoon. I shall let you know if I succeed!

    ...miles to go before I sleep...

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    Mission accomplished (nice place as well).

    Contact me via (username is the same as here) if you haven't already found another UK team member.


    ...miles to go before I sleep...

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    Thanks for pointing this cache out to me ..... I couldn't resist stopping on my way back from Suffolk this afternoon.

    What a lovely spot.
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