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Thread: Our first Cache

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    Default Our first Cache

    This evening after dinner we decided to go for a walk and look for our first cache. We had the idea that we wouldn't take anything but leave something. As I like to dabble in Leathercraft along with other hobbies and crafts we decided that the ideal item to leave would be a secret leather bracelet. So armed with Camera, Bracelet, Pen to write in the Log and the most important piece of kit the GPS we set out on a short walk to our first cache. We looked about and with no one in sight we opened our first cache.. :socool:
    A lovely evening for a walk and for geocaching with the sun going down a picture of the sunset was taken ( see album ) and we strolled home with grins like a couple of cheshire cats and can't wait for our next outing. As there are about 30 within walking distance from our house and I have 2 fishing trips to Wales planed it won't take long to chalk up quite a few cache finds..

    Yes we are hooked

    Ian and Mandy
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    Welcome - well done on your first

    Just try to enjoy the caches you hunt. After the initial "Wow! Lotsandlotsofcachesletsgofindemall!" you'll start to find out what sort of caches you like best, which areas you prefer, even which cache hiders around you set the most interesting (to you) caches.

    Many caches are not "great caches" but if they give you a reason to get out of the house for a walk and take you somewhere of interest then that's always a plus.

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