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Thread: The Great Chicken race 2011

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    Default The Great Chicken race 2011

    About a month ago 30 cross-stitched chicken TBs were released into caches all over the UK to take part in The Great Chicken Race 2011. These beautiful birds are now well scattered across the country and the owners would like you to look out for them in caches near you and help them with their mission if possible:

    The winning chicken will be the one which has flown the most miles within the U.K. by the Mega Event in Swansea on 31st July 2011. Were hoping that some of the chickens will fly into Swansea to meet their owners on that day.

    If you find a racing chicken please note that

    Chickens must stay within the U.K.

    Chickens are allowed only one retrieve and one drop-off by each cacher i.e. no hopping along with multiple visits. Just find a chicken and move it as many miles as possible.

    Chickens must not be posted to other cachers!

    Complete list of chickens and owners.

    (Chicken Collage created by Alibags)

    Please look out for chickens, especially if youre away from home on holiday over Easter You may be able to collect a chicken and add some good mileage to it. Currently there are chickens near Cullompton, Redruth, Ivybridge, Bromsgrove, Fleet Services, Chipping Norton, Leatherhead, Staines, Lincoln, Pontypridd, Halifax, Prestatyn, Sheffield, Cowes IOW, Halesowen, Middlewich, Reading, Milton Keynes, Ipswich, Ponteland, Walton-on-Thames, Pontardulais, Baldock, Walsall.

    This Chicken Race was created by a group of UK cachers on facebook from an original concept by ANDYBUG&LADYBIRD and The Sonatellas. Entry to the race is now closed but, who knows? - If its successful maybe there will be another one for next year.

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    Oh, and the most important rule was...

    No live chickens are to be used as TB's!!!
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    I picked up nightingale22's Chicken Racer today and I see that it's clucked it's way to 120 miles so far. Is there a listing of all of the entrants anywhere so I can compare how well it's doing against the others?

    Happy caching, Paul

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    There's a link in Mrs B's original post above, which seems to be regularly updated.
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