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Thread: A couple of events that 'May' be of interest... Lowestoft & Edinburgh

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    Simply Paul Guest

    Default A couple of events that 'May' be of interest... Lowestoft & Edinburgh

    This May's going to be a busy one for me.

    On Saturday the 14th I'm going to Lowestoft to complete my collection of British and UK N/S/E/W extremes for my Eastly Does It! (Lowestoft) - GC2QQRZ event. It's being held at Ness Point, the country's most easterly location. As you'll see from the event page, I do rather like my corners of the UK and there was only so long I could put off a visit to the coast of Suffolk.

    Then on Sunday the 22nd I'm travelling to Edinburgh (8 hours by National Express; I hope to get some sleep) to run my first marathon (more info in my profile) as I really wanted to do one before I'm 40 and there was a mix-up over my London Marathon application - This was my Plan B. While I'm in town I'm holding After the Pain! (Edinburgh) - GC2RJE3 as a post-run (I hope to do it in under 4h 30m as it's know as the UK's fastest marathon, as well as the UK's second largest) event. I'm pretty confident of sleeping on the coach ride home! h34r:

    If you can make it to either event - or both - it would be a pleasure to see you there. I'm suggesting people approach me from up wind in Edinburgh

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    Simply Paul Guest


    A gentle bump for this as the Lowestoft meet is tomorrow. Your chance to get UK/Britain/England's most easterly cache/event

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    Simply Paul Guest


    Bumpy bumpy bump bump

    A reminder: My After the Pain! (Edinburgh) - GC2RJE3 event is on tomorrow from 6pm, after the Edinburgh Marathon - which will be my first. I'm running for the British Heart Foundation in memory of my dad, who died in 2005, aged just 64, from a heart attack. For more information or to help the BHF do their excellent work, have a look at

    I was sorry to read Nick & Ali can't make it after all, but as they said in their log, running with an injury doesn't make sense. I'd add it does, but only when tigers or a rhino is involved. It'd be great to see you at the event; several cachers who also run will be there, but you can just stroll along and say hello- there's no need to do 26.2 miles beforehand :P

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