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Thread: Another newbie

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    skysurfer Guest


    An interesting concept. I've only just found out about it. I've been a GPS user for many years (SA sucks&#33 and am beginning to dip my toe into the murky waters of this great idea. A point, we are using a US site. Why? A UK specific site might be more useful (shoot me later). I'll try to help if I can.

    Anyhoo, the forum seemed a little depleted, so there!

    Awww. Blow it. I'll try to get over to Pyoung1s 's cache, to-morrow. Might just put one down myself.

    I presume a 6' hole dug in the night might raise an eyebrow or two......?

    A South Manchester Abuser, B)


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    birders Guest


    <<Anyhoo, the forum seemed a little depleted, so there&#33; >>

    Most of the discussions take place on groundspeak, the forum of Go take a peak...

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    MCL Guest


    The reason we all use a US site is that it was the one that started the sport off, and has the most complete database of caches on the planet.

    We try to think of it not as a US site, but as a global site that just happens to be in the US. Doesn&#39;t matter if you are Alabama or Antigua, London or Laos, most geocachers tend to use the one site as their central repository of cache logs.

    Others are available (Navicache for example) but none of the others seem to have acquired the momentum of

    Its just the reality of the situation. To start a UK database might well be feasable, but what happens when someone goes abroad and does some caches, and wants their overseas caches to register on their "hitlist"? It all starts to become horrendously complex, and everyone realises that, good or bad, one central site is probably the realistic solution.

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