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Thread: Cardiff Bookmark lists: Whovian help

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    Default Cardiff Bookmark lists: Whovian help

    Could some kind Whovian cacher point me in the direction of some good Dr Who-related bookmark lists for the Cardiff area please? I'm hoping there are caches near the companions' houses (Donna, Sarah Jane r.i.p, Amy Pond) in the Cardiff region.

    We're on a whirlwind tour of the UK in June and have a couple of days planned for Cardiff. We were going to go on a Who-tour but the good one we found on the Web runs on a Saturday, while we arrive on the Sunday.


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    There's the Who Was Here series; bookmark; not all are near Cardiff.

    Is it the locations that you wish to visit or Whovian caches? If it's the latter, there's a few all over the UK, including at least a couple that use TARDISalike containers.

    Enjoy your trip to the UK

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    More the locations as a replacement for the tour we can't get to - I'd hoped there'd be nearby caches.

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