Hi all

I have recently been granted permission for the placement of a church micro. I though I'd share the email for use by anyone who may be looking to continue the series.




Thanks for taking the time to read my email.

I am requesting permission to place a very small container (know as a cache) unobtrusively within the church boundary.

I realise this is an unusual request so please let me explain.

The small container will be a 35mm film canister and would be part of a
worldwide game dedicated to GPS (Global Positioning System) users, called
Geocaching. The game basically involves a GPS user hiding "treasure" (the
container and a small log book), and publishing the exact coordinates so
other GPS users can come on a "treasure hunt" to find it.

Exact details can be found on www.geocaching.com.

The past time is generally a family affair, one which I enjoy with my wife
and 3 small children, the placing of this cache would allow many more
families to enjoy your wonderful church and its history.

Many other churches in the area and across the country have agreed to become
part of the geocaching community - you would in fact become number xxxx.
Locally xxxxxxxxx (to name
a few) have all agreed to this request from other "Geocachers" .

The location which I have in mind is xxxxxxxxxxx; a very unobtrusive location in which the
cache would not be noticed unless a person was specifically looking for it.

Again I do realise that this is a somewhat odd request so I am more than
willing to have a chat with yourself or other PCC members.

My phone number is xxxxxxxx, however if I may be a bit forward I will give you
a ring regarding this matter.

Feel free to respond to this email if you pick it up before I give you a

I hope to speak soon.

Kindest Regards