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Thread: Hello from Southampton

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    Default Hello from Southampton

    Hi All,
    I am very new to this, have taken up as a family hobby (Me my hubby and daughter) am trying to find out if there are any events coming up in hampshire in the next few weeks as we have looked for a few in my immediate area and can't find them!! As we are not too sure what we are looking for I was hoping an event might prove mkore fruitful!

    Does anyone have any suggestions for local events?



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    The next Hampshire event is at Chandlers ford on June 8th. There's a regular monthly event on the second Wednesday of the month which travels round the county, so if this is not close to you there'll be another along in a month!

    They're very well attended and you'll be very welcome.

    Oh and Welcome to the GAGB forums!

    Martyn (Petersfield)
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    Hi Jo
    There is an Events section in the weekly Groundspeak Newsletter which you should recieve by e-mail usually early Thursday. It's the 3rd section after 'news' and 'Mega Events', and has a handy milage total (cleverly, from your home co-ordinates) at the end of each listing so you can easily see which are close to Hampshire. Clicking on the link will take you straight to the Event listing. Hope this helps!!
    Welcome to the GAGB!!

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