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Thread: Jersey to New Jersey TB race!

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    Default Jersey to New Jersey TB race!

    Mrs B. suggested that I post this over here, sorry it took so long! Anyone interested in joining a TB race? :socool:

    Jersey is a small self governing island 12 miles from the North coast of France.
    Area: 45 Square miles
    Population: 100,000
    New Jersey is one of the 50 states of the USA
    Area: 7,417 Square Miles
    Population: 8,708,000
    This is a travel bug race from Jersey to New Jersey!

    The starting cache will be GC2330Q "Portlet"
    Any TB's wanting to be in the race must make their way to this cache for Sunday 24th July 2011. If you wish to use the postal service to send a TB for the start of the race PM me and I will send the address.

    All TB's have to be registered on The race organiser will enter the TB's in to the race on
    At approx 1630 the race will begin!

    The finish will be: GCMHE8 Travel Bug Train Stop"
    The first TB to reach this cache wins. The TB will be verified as in the cache by one of a team of NJ volunteer cachers.

    More info on the race is available at

    Thanks to the Mundy Family for the start cache and TwoCat and ekitt10 for organising the finish. :cheers:

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    Default Now with prizes!!

    Quick announcement...

    OakCoins have comissioned a 'Jersey Flag' Travel bug and donated two as prizes for first and second in the race!

    Still time to get your entry in!!:cheers:

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