Due to the recent Bomb scare in Wetherby we are introducing a new cache guideline for caches placed in Urban locations. This has been developed in dialogue between GAGB committee and Reviewers and has been introduced with immediate effect. The text is here:

“Urban caches should be placed to minimise the chance of security alerts. It is essential that micros and larger are marked externally as a geocache with the relevant listing site reference (eg: GCxxxxxx, OXxxxxxx or OCxxxxxx). Containers larger than 35mm containers should have clear sides to enable inspection without opening. Cache pages must contain the following wording: This cache meets the GAGB Urban Placement Guidelines”
Marking caches externally with their reference number will enable Police Officers to check on caches through a query process which is being disseminated to UK Police Forces, and should be done on all caches bigger than a nano. Clear sides will allow the contents of caches to be checked without opening that cache, so should also minimise the chances of bomb scares.

The new guideline can be accessed here and we hope that this will be adopted quickly so that we can demonstrate a positive response to recent events.

The new guideline can be accessed here