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Thread: Geocaching Labels

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    60north Guest


    Due to the cost of Geocache labels sourced elsewhere, I am having a printer make some up for me.

    They are 50 x 100 mm, green with black text. Similar to Groundspeak's label, but without their logo, something else instead. As there is no such thing as a small order in the world of printing I am going to sell the labels directly and through eBay.

    The best price will be direct from me, and I think that I can sell them in 5s, including postage to the UK for 3. It would be extra for recorded post. Compare that to 1.18 each PLUS postage and I am sure that you will agree that the price is really competitive. I am obviously not looking to make a fortune, just to cover my costs and make a small amount.

    I hope that they will be ready within the next couple of weeks. So if you would like to place a pre-order just let me know.

    Thanks a lot


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    Are they waterproof and fade resistant?

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    What's the 'something else instead'?
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    60north Guest


    The printer has advised me that they are suitable for utdoor use and should last at least 2 years.

    As most caches are hidden, I am expecting a longer life that the printer's estimate.


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    60north Guest


    The "something else" is a satellite.

    The previous post should have of course said "outdoor" use.


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    birders Guest


    <<As most caches are hidden, I am expecting a longer life that the printer&#39;s estimate.>>

    But what material is being used? Although many caches are hidden most are exposed to damp, which could seriously reduce the life of a label not printed on a waterproof substance..

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    60north Guest


    Having the devil&#39;s own job trying to post to this topic. This is my third attempt&#33;

    The labels are made out of vinyl. I understand that this is a waterproof material.

    Due to the poor reaponse to the idea, plus a personal financial crisis, I am unable to go ahead with this at the moment. I am not in the habit of letting people down, but this is unfortunately unavoidable at present. If anyone has near on 300 ukp to "invest" and wants me to send them my artwork (free) and the name of the printer, then please contact me here.

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