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Thread: Trading signiture items for geocoins

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    Default Trading signiture items for geocoins

    Hi all,
    I have only been caching for a couple of months but am already hooked, unfortunately the only cash I can spend right now is on the petrol to go caching :P Anyway, thanks to great advice from some veteran cachers on I thought I would post here as well. I'm looking to trade my handmade signiture items (which I am happy to personlize for you) for Geocoins. Having already had a couple of offers from the US I was wondering if anyone in the UK would be interested.

    I hope you like them and look forward to hearing your comments and possibly trade offers

    Happy caching


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    People often like to leave personalised items in caches that they find. It may be an idea to advertise on Ebay (other sites are available) I sell a lot of caching stuff, including geocoins and cache calling cards on the site and there is always a market for it. Use the photograph that you have put on here and see how it goes. You may just find yourself with a nice little income to help you buy some geocoins and other caching goodies. :cheers:

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    Nice. Are these still available?

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