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Thread: Countdown to the Geolympix! 10am Sunday July 22nd 2012

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    Well, that was fun! Who attended? What did you do? What did you think? Feedback is always appreciated. Thanks!

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    I attended with my dad, and we both had a great time

    I wrote a blog entry about it, and the part of the Marathon series we did the next day, here: Geolympix Mega 2012 and part of GMS series

    I really wanted to attend more of the events planned, but only got a chance to do the three on the Mega day, and the Post-marathon meet - the others looked great, and wished I could have been there :socool:

    On the day, I managed to complete the 11 in 11 challenge, even after a long delay with the Wherigo (sent us back up the hill we came down, and in wrong directions a few times) and so only managed to spend around an hour at the Mega; which was a shame, because I'd liked to have met Bryan (who I believe attended) again, he had left by the time we arrived - I first met him at "An Oxford Gathering" in 2010, my first event, and the event where the Geolympix concept was proposed - that event feels like yesterday, how time passes!

    Then the next day, we set off with another cacher, and managed to complete three out of the five marathon rings - not too bad, considering the heat A super area, we took hundreds of amazing photos, saw lots of red kites - it with just brilliant, and a true celebration of our wonderful country(side) - we'll be back to finish it off!

    I think to have appreciated the full Geolympix experience, you'd needed to have attended and taken part in all the events and challenges - but that's nearly impossible, but the magic of it is that whatever you did as part of the Geolympix, counted for the whole thing - the 11 in 11 was my particular highlight, and it was wonderful to share the accomplishment with so many others who too managed it - this event did seem to have a much more international feel to it, from my perspective, and it managed to bring so many different people together all over one week

    To sum up, I think the two days (Marathon and 11 in 11 Mega day) are both in my top three days caching EVER - that's how much I've enjoyed it - my dad had a great time on the marathon too So yes, I think that it's the best event(s) that I've ever attended

    Thank you again to you, SP, and the whole team for all your efforts - I don't know of one single person who said it wasn't one of, if not the best Mega they've been to The only possible suggestion that could have made it have more of an Olympic theme, was to have some sort of awarding of "wearable coins" (avoiding the 'm' word ) to the winners of some sort of challenge where there could be distinct winners (for example, you couldn't pick three winners from everyone who did 11 in 11) but perhaps "Fill as many D/T combinations as you can in a day" and prizes for the best three - but, now contradicting myself, the great thing about this event was that everyone was a winner, and everyone was "Outstanding in the field" - I look forward to seeing this simply fantastic concept grow into what it will become - we'll look back on this week, and think "Wow - I attended (or organised in your case, SP) the first one, the start of it all"

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