I have had the following forwarded to me by a local (to Dartmoor) cacher.
Although it has been written to address issues with letterboxes, our agreement follows the Letterboxing code of conduct so this will apply equally to cachers....

It has been brought to my attention recently that there appears to be an increase in the placing of letterboxes on New Access land that became available under the Countryside and Rights of Way Act, 2000 (CRoW) without landowner permission.

On the open Common land of Dartmoor generally landowners are happy and permission is not required. However on CRoW Act land only the owners of the following areas have given permission:

Hound tor, Rippon Tor and Horridge newtakes, Huntingdon Warren, Little Stannon newtake, Hartyland newtake, Broaden and Chittaford Down newtakes, Longaford Tor newtake, Bellever Tor newtake, Laughter Tor newtake, Brimpts newtake, Willsworthy and Standon Down.

Therefore all other CRoW Act access land the landowners permission is required.

To quote the agreed code of conduct: Please remember, a letterbox that is both National Park and user friendly is sited on land where there is public access but not on the new access land that became available under the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000, unless you have the landowners permission.

There have been incidents whereby the found letterbox (es) has been removed by either landowner or other concerned letterboxers, (not by the National Park I hasten to add) but they have reported it to us to act upon.

Please can you remind people of this guidance and requirement for permission.

Many thanks

Robert Steemson
Head Ranger