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Thread: Not another "which GPSr" thread? Yes, sorry!

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    Question Not another "which GPSr" thread? Yes, sorry!


    I didn't want to hijack someone else's similar thread for this so ...

    I've been using a borrowed Garmin 60 so far which was a big improvement on not having anything when I first started then using the car satnav!

    I've been allowed 100 to play with (must have been a good boy or something lol) and want to get my own GPSr as I'm always concerned I'll break anything I have borrowed!

    My wishlist for a GPS from the experience so far is:

    Colour might be nicer than the mono screen,
    Bigger screen also nice but not essential as long as its not tiny!,
    Maps would be cool but I have found that there are free ones (nice!),
    High sensivity chipset deinitely,
    and the most important one is a 3-axis electronic compass!

    (The GPSr not knowing which way I am facing drives me nuts!)

    So far I think I'm probably looking at a second hand Garmin Summit, but the number of different models of each model alone is getting me confused. HC version, HCx version, old model and new model of each, new model has touch screen (cool!!).

    Any recommendations or does anyone know of an at-a-glance side-by-side type comparison of say the Garmin models? My local Millets don't stock them so I couldn't pick their brains, and another similar shop had one for 250 and one for 400 and frankly they could make tea and do the dishes for all I care because I'm not spending that much anyway lol

    Any help or advice is much appreciated :-)


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    If you can possibly stretch to 120 + p&p I might be selling my Map60Cx in a couple of weeks, if I do I will load Talky Toaster's maps on it before I send it out.
    I will make my mind up by this time next week.

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    Check out talkytoasters FREE maps.
    I have a Geocaching problem...
    Work gets in the way!

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    If you want to compare Garmin GPSr's then you want to have a look at

    Life is too important to take seriously !

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