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    Jackie and I had a great time at the Wales Mega so I've been nosing about with a view to sorting out events to attend next year. There are three events next year which may fill our needs - PirateMania, Geolympix and Mega 2012 BUT why on earth are two of them on the same weekend ???

    We're going to be forced to choose between two events - the Geolympix is much closer to us but PirateMania looks like being great fun and we like the area ...

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    I think it's because Piratemania has always been on that particular weekend in July and the Geolympix team chose that weekend because they wanted it to be close to the main Olympic period in London but not actually at the same time.

    I can see the possibility of some very keen cachers attending 3 UK "Mega-sized" events within a week.

    (Not us though :wacko: )

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    It is a shame they are both on the same weekend. However, Piratemania has only received Mega status this year so it wouldn't have been a problem prior to that. As Mrs. B says, PM has always been on that weekend. I don't think we will be attending both, but having gone to my first Piratemania as a day visitor this year and enjoying it so much, I would have to say that it will win hands down next year for me as a definate weekend camper.

    There is also the fact that I basically want to dress up as a pirate for the weekend and my build is more suited to that of a portly pirate than a svelte olympian opcorn:

    Having said that both events will have some good stuff going on, and the boat only and cycling caches look very inviting at the Geolympics.

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