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    In your opinion, is there one particular county where you don't expect to find geocoins or TB's that are logged in to caches?

    In our experience, we have found that Cornwall is the Bermuda Triangle of disappearences. We have hardly ever found a logged trackable in the cache it is supposed to be in and even when watching them when back home they seem to disappear. Same thing has happened when we have dropped something off. 9 times out of 10 it then disappears completely.

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    Surrey is not looking too promising from my point of view either.
    I got a trackable for my birthday and we went out for a stroll and I decided to place it in a nice cache. within a week it was gone.
    Really fed up and probably wont bother sending out trackables again because of this.

    We have been to quite a few caches where the inventory says their is something there only to find their isn't.
    I love moving these around so it is very frustrating

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    I think it is unfair to single out any county, I had a GAGB coin go missing from it's second cache and it was missing for 7 months before it reapeared yet so many other coins have made their way safely around, in and out of Cornwall.

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    I don't think that Cornwall is any better or worse than any other county (we're down the far end a few times each year) but as it's a popular holiday destination some caches there get a lot of visitors and a lot of trackable movements. Many of them don't get correctly logged in/out until the cachers get back home days later so maybe that contributes to the "inaccuracies"?

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    Sorry to disagree but I keep a watch on TB's that I drop until they move on. This is the county where they invariably go missing.

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