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Thread: Is this a multi, mystry or unknown cache?

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    Default Is this a multi, mystry or unknown cache?

    I've had a niggling idea for a series of caches for a while now so I've started to get it together.

    The series will be based on the TV show the crystal maze, and as such will have 4 tasks (cache finds), physical, mental, mystery and skill.

    I've pretty much got the 1st three sorted all of which require a "challenge" befitting their name.

    My question is regarding the SKILL cache. Basically the cacher has to find a "device" and instructions, then follow the instructions whilst using the "device" to another spot approx 50-100m away where the cache is sited. The cacher will be unable to find the cache without using the device and following the instructions.

    I don't want to put the cache cords on the frog site but just the cords for the device.

    I know I'm being a bit vague but I don't want to give to much away.

    Question is:

    Is this a multi, unknown or trad?

    Though I'd post here before bothering the hard working reviewers!!


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    Mystery/Unknown/Puzzle. All the same thing, listed as a ?

    The deciding factor is:
    If the cache is at the coordinates listed at the top of the page: Trad.

    If the coordinates at the top of the page lead you to the first clue: Multi.

    If the coordinates at the top of the page are bogus -nothing there related to the cache itself: Mystery/Unknown/Puzzle. Parking coords can be classed as bogus in this situation, the cache page can say the coords listed are for parking. The coords listed do ned to be within 2 to 3 miles of the actual final cache, in order to keep the mileages for trackables 'correct'.

    However... Sometimes a cache can be listed as a ? for other reasons!
    Devious cache container, with a locking mechanism to work out how to open it.
    A 'Challenge' cache, where you have to carry out the challenge, before logging the cache. eg. A local cacher has set a Challenge cache which requires you to find a cache that hasn't been found for a year or more. Having done that, you can then do the ? Challenge cache, which IS at the listed coordinates!
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    you have a PM

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    The general rule of thumb I use is this. If you print out the cache page, take it with into the countryside, can you find the cache from the information on the cache page? For example, following waypoints, finding intermediate containers, finding clues etc. Then it's a multi-cache. If the print out asks you to get some information you can only get on the Internet for example, or a puzzle that's going to take some research beforehand then it's an unknown cache. You can't find the cache just by reading the cache page.

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    Thanks for all the help here and a big thank you to Longman for his help and patience.

    As a side note to everyone don't try to modify your caches after a bottle of wine at 01:00!!!!!:wacko:

    Caches are now active


    if anyone is in the Kent area.


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