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Thread: Challenge logs

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    Default Challenge logs

    Ignoring the pro/con debate to challenges, if you've actually completed one and it's subsequently archived, I currently cannot see a way to read your old log or view the picture, which is a shame as it's part of your activity.

    I've set up a feedback vote but can't link to it here as I've not posted enough to be considered spam-free

    Search for view archive challeng logs and it should come up.

    May be worth voting on if you agree.

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    I don't like the concept of Challenges, but I agree that archived challenges and logs on them should be visible. As you say, it's part of your activity and should be accessible.

    I've tried to vote but the site's grinding along at snail's pace this morning - I imagine it's the usual Sunday hamster strike. I'll try again later.
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