OK, Chickens are still flapping about, now it's the turn of snails...

Mrs ANDYBUG&LADYBIRD has done it again and decided that cross-stitch snails should race to Hayle in Cornwall where they will be holidaying next May.

If anyone wants to enter a cross-stitched snail into the race (which starts on 3rd September 2011) they can join the facebook group here: Oh Hayle the snail!

For those who don't do facebook but would still like to sew a snail and join the race, here are the Rules:

1 Snails are not to leave the UK.
2 The snail which has the most miles on it by the 11th May 2012 will be declared the winner. ANDYBUG&LADYBIRD are hoping some snails will arrive in Hayle by that date.
3 Snails can go to events.
4 Snails are not allowed "visits" to caches - Only "retrieved from" and "dropped off" logs will count.
5 If your snail has sat for a while (2 weeks min) then you are free to intervene to get it on the move again (either by yourself or by getting in touch with a cacher near to it).
6 Snails must not to be posted via Royal Mail or any other postal service.
7 Snails are to slime off on the 3rd September 2011 - where they start from is up to you.
8 No live snails are to be used...