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Thread: Cache advice please

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    Default Cache advice please

    Couple of months ago I created a Multi-cache in my local area, but it now seems that its more DNF than finds.

    Now people are doing a wild guess only finding one or two waypoints and then the final cache. I put an extra clue to more or less give away the exact location of the stage which people are getting stuck at.

    I also re-checked the rating system and it gave a higher rating than what I originally put it has. I really am thinking is it worth the hassle or should I change it to several stand-alone caches with a bonus cache or should I just hope that these changes will help?

    I don't know if that makes sense to anyone?? I love geocaching but my recent experience is not a good one (but thats just like life!).

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    If they're finding the cache without all the clues then the guesses can't be that wild ...

    Have you considered getting a caching friend to 'review' the cache ?

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    Looking at the cache page I can't see a probleem with it but then again I am not in a position to walk it and check at the moment (200 + miles away)
    Try and get somebody to go with you and let them find the codes and see if they have problems and if so let them suggest way round it.
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    That sound a good idea, I'll have to find someone who would be kind enough to help me. Thanks

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