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    Has anybody else got "hands-on" experience of this unit?

    Having just purchased a Renault, complete with this built-in GPS unit, I'm curious as to what the unit is capable of beside the normal car SatNav functions.

    For example, has anyone tried converting GPX files to OV2 (the TT format), and then somehow adding them to the installed map folder?
    This would show caches as POI points on the normal road navigation screen when travelling.
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    I've got one as well ...... and thought about it, but not investigated any further yet.

    I haven't even got around to updating my sat nav maps since I did the initial update when I got the car in January (occassionally find myself driving in 'fields' instead of on the new bypass!)

    Saying that, I tend to identify the caches I want to do in advance, so probably wouldn't want lots added on the car sat nav (will put them on Oregon instead). However, I do use the coords option on the car sat nav and manually add the odd cache/parking if in an area I am not familiar with roads etc and that works really well.

    But interested to hear your outcome ....
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