Since I started carrying cache information on my Android phone I was always concerned about the accuracy of the inbuilt GPS reciever.
I decided to buy a BlueTooth GPS from good old EBay and ended up with the one shown above. It is a 20 channel SirfIII unit and normally shows an accuracy reading of +/-8ft and no worse than +/-12ft under average tree cover.
It has really changed the ability of the phone to carry out the odd impromptu caching excursion. Because the inbuilt GPS unit is not turned on battery life on the phone is so much better and the BlueTooth unit will actually last for 8hrs + with ease from one charge.
Combined with GDAk I can now carry my entire GSAK database with me , on my phone and use a reliable GPS.
Charging is via a mini USB lead.
Total cost of the unit I bought was 9.78 inc postage.