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Thread: disappearing cache

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    tarantula393 Guest

    Default disappearing cache

    hello All

    (i made this following post on but
    since its a uk cache i thought i would repost here too.)

    today while out travelling i stopped off to do alittle
    caching, i found one cache on my phone but having
    limited internet / no service i basically searched
    the area without exact location and got lucky.
    i signed the cache. and went on my merry way.

    now back home i can not find the cache location at all
    or any record of it????
    i know what it was called and around about the area
    it was in but my maps are not showing it at all.

    can anyone help me please. i m new to this geocaching
    and still finding my feet with all this.

    many thanks

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    Post the name of the cache, or whatever details you can remember, and i'll have a look, and see if i can find it for you

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    tarantula393 Guest


    totally sorry, just found the cache.
    i've been searching the map.
    i was totally in the wrong area, the river i crossed had two
    bridges and i was looking at the wrong one....
    bloody newbies.. lol

    thanks for the offer to help.

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    No problem - had the same problem myself before

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    Have to agree with Darren on this one, we were all 'newbies' at one time but some seem to forget it.
    Any questions or problems you have just ask away on here and someone will be along and endevour to answer it.

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    I now carry a small notebook for this very purpose - My Oregon, and even phone have paperless caching options - but sometimes just writing a short note in a little book is best - It gets compounded if you do a few caches in a session ! just a little note - the location/cache reference number time and date ! Saves a lot of head scratching later !!!
    Si vis pacem para bellum

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    Found It! Where Next Guest


    For sure once again a note book is a blessing.

    We have a book where we log the GC number number - that way when we log, we know we are logging in the order of finds (and very occassionally the DNF's).

    We also make a side note if there were issues - i.e. log book full etc

    As for being newbies - welcome to the game we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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