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Thread: Active Sync in Windows 7

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    Default Active Sync in Windows 7

    I am trying to help a friend who has recently brought a new laptop with Windows 7 installed.

    I am trying to install her HP Ipaq RX5720 but we cannot get active sync to work and i have researched online and found a microsoft windows mobile device centre download for vista, which we tried but still no success.

    Can anyone help/advise please.
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    I am running a laptop with Windows 7 (64) and I use the Windows Mobile 6.1 program and can sync with any of my 3 PDA's (one must go soon ) without any problem.
    Has the drivers for the device installed correctly. Try pluging it into a different USB port so as the computer is forced to reload the drivers.

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    It's always worth running Windows Update after installing Windows Mobile Device Centre and the iPaq driver - it may automatically download extra components which are necessary to synchronise the iPaq. I've seen this approach work for Psion mobile computers in the past

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