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Thread: travel bug - questions

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    Default travel bug - questions

    i found a travel bug today, i understand i'm not suppose to
    tell anyone the code on it and i have logged it on the geocaching
    site that i have it.. so now do i just drop it into a cache somewhere
    and then come back and log where i left it... is that basically it????

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    basically, yes. I always try and place them in a popular cache so as to increas their chance of moving on.

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    It's nice if you can take a photo of the travel bug somewhere interesting too. Some have specific missions to visit specific places and owners always like to hear what their TB's are up to, or see photos of their travels (I know I do!)

    Here's an example of one we carried around for a while writing stories about:

    We don't do that often, but it was a lot of fun! It seems to have encouraged future finders to do the same too!

    Try not to keep the TB for more than a few weeks, and as Richard said don't (for example) drop it into a puzzle cache that gets found once every 3 months or it won't do much travelling!
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    Looking at your profile, I can see that you have the White Sheep TB - All good so far.

    When you place it into its next cache, you do the on-line 'drop off' when you do the Found It log on the cache...

    You write your cache log in the Comments box as usual but before you submit the log you scroll down a bit under the Comment box to where it say "Dropped off any trackbles?" You'll see the White Sheep listed there - Select the option 'Dropped off'... then submit your cache log.

    That will put your log onto the cache page and the TB into the cache page Inventory, all in one action.

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    tarantula393 Guest


    thanks for the reply

    good information to know Mrs Blorenge.

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