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Thread: Utterly lost, some serious help needed please?

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    Derbytwo Guest

    Default Utterly lost, some serious help needed please?

    Hi and hello.

    We are as brand new as it gets, never found a cache yet despite the nearest seemingly 200 yds away. *blush*

    We are reasonably computer literate to the point of doing reformats and running a linux machine.

    We own an elderly Garmin, a etrex vista c that we cannot make heads nor tails of.

    We take holidays around the country, enjoy walking so want to take part but are at the moment frustrated and thwarted by technology such that we have.

    So... what do we need to get going. The wive has a HTC desire s phone (android) I have nothing apart from the Garmin that I have a burning desire to throw in the bin.

    We are in the midlands and are very confused about maps. We have looked briefly through the site but are not seeing the info we thought would be here so can some kind person point us in the right direction please?


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    Hi, and welcome. I'll reply to some of your points, in no particular order, but before I start I'll tell you I have an Etrex Vista and think it's great. I also run Linux which I also think is great, but as with many things most of the software around is for M$ Windblows unfortunately.

    I'm assuming you're using, there are other caching sites around, and they vary in the detail, but is by far the biggest.

    Have a look here this guy takes maps from the OpenStreetMap project and 'compiles' them for use on Garmin devices. There are instructions on there somewhere, but put simply If you download one of the .zip files, unzip it, take the .IMG file it creates and rename it to GMAPSUPP.IMG, then by whatever means at your disposal copy that up to the sd card on the GPS and put it in the folder "Garmin". If you didn't know it you can plug the Vista into your PC, then on the Vista choose the "Setup" icon on the main screen, then choose "Interface" and it will connect the GPS as a removable USB drive to your PC and you can copy the .IMG file up to the GPS.
    [edit to add] Just realised you say yours is an Etrex 'c', in which case it doesn't have an sd card, just 24Mb internal memory (An 'x' in the name indicates it does have an sd card). I believe you can still put maps on this model, I'm not sure how.

    Getting individual Geocaches onto the GPS:
    If you view a cache on the web page there's a "Send to GPS" button, if you click that and have the Vista plugged into the USB port (and turned on!!!) then it will send the cache details to your GPS - THIS ONLY WORKS ON WINDOWS and it requires a plugin to be installed however IIRC it will prompt you to install the plugin if you haven't got it.

    Getting caches onto the GPS in bulk:
    You might want to leave this until you've sorted out the basics but if you sign up as a paying member to you can run "Pocket Queries" which will send you up to 1000 caches at a time in a ".gpx" file, there are then numerous bits of software which can manipulate these files, and upload them to your GPS or the HTC. By far the most popular is GSAK (again windows only), but others are available.

    Using the HTC for caching:
    I'm sure you can but I've no experience of it so will leave this to others.

    Best tip of all:
    Get yourself along to a local event, see to find out when/where there's one in your area. Once you've found one you're going to attend then post a note on the page explaining that you're looking for some advice and I'm sure you'll find lots of people there who will be more than willing to give you some tips - don't forget to take your GPS with you!
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    Derbytwo Guest


    Many thanks for the information.

    We have donated and recieved a set of maps from the link you so kindly posted up. We have bought a Garmin Oregon 300 which hopefully will arrive today as neither of us can get the vista machine to do anything useful, falling at the first hurdle of setting a waypoint so it is going on fleabay.

    Thanks again


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