Hi and hello.

We are as brand new as it gets, never found a cache yet despite the nearest seemingly 200 yds away. *blush*

We are reasonably computer literate to the point of doing reformats and running a linux machine.

We own an elderly Garmin, a etrex vista c that we cannot make heads nor tails of.

We take holidays around the country, enjoy walking so want to take part but are at the moment frustrated and thwarted by technology such that we have.

So... what do we need to get going. The wive has a HTC desire s phone (android) I have nothing apart from the Garmin that I have a burning desire to throw in the bin.

We are in the midlands and are very confused about maps. We have looked briefly through the site but are not seeing the info we thought would be here so can some kind person point us in the right direction please?