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Thread: Best of the best?

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    Default Best of the best?

    So out of interest, are there any nationally recognised caches that compete to be a step above the rest?

    Sure there are a small handful of caches in every location that stand out. But what about a clear UK top 10?

    I tried looking at favourite points etc but it's difficult to pinpoint.

    Any insight?

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    NW Caching have an annual award for the best cache. I recently found one of them; Werewolf See also

    But it's not supposed to be a competition, and what's ordinary to some people is fantastic to others.

    Also, whether a cache is voted for is likely to be strongly influenced by how many of the few who vote have done it, whether it's near enough to a hotbed of caching, and whether the CO is known to the voters.

    So it's a flawed system of finding the "best", as is the Favourite Point system. Howvere, both help to sort out the wheat from the chaff.

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    Amberel keeps his own list here:

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