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Thread: Which one of these 2 GPSr would you buy.

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    Allen G0CRB Guest

    Default Which one of these 2 GPSr would you buy.

    Hi I have looked and done my home work,I have taken a liking to these 2 ,,Question ! Out of these which would you buy ? Or do you have experience of having used either. 1 Garmin Dakota 20 priced 186. Garmin Origon 450 239..

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    I was once told:
    Do your homework.
    Decide what features you want, and what you can live without.
    Try to get 'hands on' with your shortlist.

    Then buy the best you can afford.

    No experiance of the Dakotas, but the Oregons are nice! (I have an old 300)
    I have a Geocaching problem...
    Work gets in the way!

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    I haven't got any idea about the Dakota, but having had a Oregon 550t for the last 18 months and having friends with different Oregon models I would definately recommend them.

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    Dakota - smaller screen, longer battery live, no picture viewer.

    If you can live with those differences then the Dakota would be best by virtue of the price.
    Having had an Oregon 300 and having handled a Dakota I have to say the Oregon woulf win for me.

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