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Thread: Logging Travel Bugs

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    Can anyone help me resolve a problem with one of my travel bugs.

    It was left in a cache by somebody while they were on holiday, and before they were able to log it on the Travel Bug site it was retrieved by a different cacher and logged on the Travel bug site as being held by them.

    The first user in now unable to log it's visit to the cache on the Travel Bug site.
    It is logged correctly on the geocache site, but not on the Travel Bug site.

    I'm sure there is a way to sort this but do not know how.


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    In a similar situation, I found that a bug I dropped off in a cache had been taken from the cache by another cacher shortly after I left it. This second cacher had got to his PC first and 'grabbed' the bug from me before I could log it into the cache.
    As I had a note of the T/B tracking number, I 'grabbed' it back from him, logged it into the cache properly and then deleted my 'grabbed' log from the T/B page. I e-mailed the second cacher and explained what I'd done and why I'd done it. The second cacher promptly delete his 'grabbed' log and then 'retrieved' the bug from the cache. That put everything nicely back in order. It turned out that it was his first T/B and he just wanted to log it as soon as possible. He hadn't really been aware of the 'etiquette' involved in giving the T/B placer chance to log it into the cache first.

    That was a bit long winded.... but did it help any?
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