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    Hi all

    So this is a bit of a weird one, and I have had a bit to drink so forgive me.

    I've taken to reading a few threads on this and other forums recently before bed as I'm finding them better than my book!! You can prob guess which ones.

    A sub-plot to these threads has been about quoting permissions of content posted on the Internet. I would like to raise the following points for consideration as my personal opinion and observations not as a comment on any individual or group:

    1 if I post something on the world wide web it's out there and can be quoted by all.

    2 if I receive an email it becomes my property for me to do with what I like

    3 if I use a alias (mr gaggle ) I can be quoted as that alias, or any other alias, or my real name if it's known

    5 common decency should hopefully apply but there generally seems to be a lack of that in forums due to the use of aliases.

    Just a few thoughts

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