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Thread: Hi ,Where do I start?

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    Question Hi ,Where do I start?

    I have just bought a Garmin sat nav and I recently heard about Geocaching and thought what a great Idea to get out into the countryside,Hence my joining of your organisation. The only problem is where to start.How do I get a list of co-ordinates for my area. Daventry.?
    I would be glad of any info at the moment.Thank you

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    Hello, and welcome.

    To start with you won't find any geocaches on here, this is an organisation which represents geocachers, it doesn't do any geocaching. What you need now is to find a geocache listing site, there are several around, so go to one of these websites, you'll probably need to register to see all they have to offer, but they all have a free registration option so it needn't cost anything.
    this is by far the biggest, and when a lot of people talk about geocaching they mean what this site offers. Some people have idealogical differences with this site (run by a company called Groundspeak) and hence some of the sites below.
    this is actually run by Garmin

    personally I would say go to, stick in your postcode and see what's around, you'll need to register before it will give you the actual co-ords though, note that there is an option for a paid membership but I would go for the free one for now until you've done a bit and you're sure you want to continue.
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    gsneath Guest

    Default Thank you

    Thank you for the info,I'll try those links

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