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Thread: Garmin Oregon 300 question

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    Default Garmin Oregon 300 question

    Thanks for reading.

    Our unit is getting pretty busy with found caches.

    How can we clear this info out please?


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    Had the same problem with the 550 to start with - plug in to PC - open it as a "connected" device - plug in drive - or whichever it says - look at the files it contains - one of them is either a GPX file or a folder called Garmin- check that it is right then delete it !! "simples" (as Dr Dick told me !!)
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    you need to delete the original .GPX file(s) that you loaded. Once you have removed them the finds are reset. You then just need to load a fresh set of caches, .GPX files, and away you go.
    The .GPX files will be in the /Garmin/GPX folder and it could be on either the unit or the SD card.
    As you are a Premium Member all that you will have to do is delete the original PQ .GPX file and reload an up to date one.
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    Like wot he said... plug it into your PC.

    Then take a look at the 'drive' in Windows explorer (note if you have a memory card inserted, you'll have two 'drives'). You should have (at least) two folders... Garmin and Werigo. In the Garmin folder you should see 'geocache_visits.txt'. You can delete it completely if you wish (a new geocache_visits.txt will be generated the next time you log a cache as found), or edit it with notepad etc.

    Also, while you are in that folder, you'll see another file 'startup.txt', you can edit this to change the display when you start up your GPS. I've put a 'if found please return to' message.


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