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Thread: Logging our own hides

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    Default Logging our own hides

    Some advice please.
    We have a joint account - myself, my wife and the geokid.
    I have pretty much been taking the lead with finding caches but we do enjoy walks together.
    I have placed all of our hides and my wife has no idea where they are placed.
    Would it therefore be ethical for her to find our own caches and log them, of is that not a done thing?

    Any advice much appreciated.

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    The 2 of us are DizzyPair. We have one account and usually go out caching together, but sometimes we find caches alone.
    I have placed most of our caches and sometimes Mrs Dizzy goes out with me, but often she is given the job of 'finding' the cache before publication, to check all is correct.
    We have some caches that she has never been to though.
    All our finds are logged to the one account.
    We have not and will not 'find' one of our own caches.
    But different people go about things in different ways, so they may well log their own caches as 'found'.

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    I don't think I would log the finds if I was in your position, but the only person who's likely to get upset about it (and have the 'power' to do anything about it) is the cache owner - so I reckon you're on safe ground there, so do it if you want to.

    You could always sign the missus up for her own account (which is what we did eventually).

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    Great minds think alike ! I was just going to post when your's popped up. The CO is the ultimate arbitor and has the power to delete the logs - as Martybartfast suggests two accounts might be a better (if more expensive !) way
    Si vis pacem para bellum

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    Do what ever puts a smile on your face!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Palujia View Post
    ... two accounts might be a better (if more expensive !) way
    I have a premium account, but the missus' is a basic account, so no extra cost.

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    Do whatever's easiest for you.

    Does your wife really need to have her own account just to log these few caches? Will she ever use it to log any other caches? Is she likely to be caching on her own, or without you, regularly?

    The situation (as you describe it) is not the same as when a cache hider claims finds on the caches he/she hid, knowing full well exactly where they are. The only people who should be concerned about this are the cache owners and the person logging the find. To satisfy anyone else with an enquiring mind who might say, "Oooooooh look - They've logged their own cache! " your wife could always put a note by the log to explain the situation. (But don't feel obliged to do so!)

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    Do whatever you want!

    I've made a few caches that require the finder to complete serveral actvities before they find them. After a few weeks my wife took my kids along to "find" them, they are 4, 4 and 5.

    We logged the finds on our family account to remember the fun the kids had finding them.

    I can't see that being a problem with anyone.


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